Because people do the funniest things when they think no one's watching...

Great marketing and exposure!

Hi there,

Here at Photo Booth Fun we think our product is an excellent way for businesses and charities to gain exposure and to get themselves talked about in a positive light. Many corporate and charitable organisations greatly benefit from the inclusion of one of our booths and operators at any function or event that they may be involved with.

With our mandate to create lasting memories and our excellent designers ability to add your branding and relevant information to one of our custom photo strips, we are able to increase the chances of your organisation being talked about when people display or show off their unique photo strips as they reminisce about that fantastic time they had at your company’s event.

Here are a few examples to demonstrate what we are talking about.

We would love to have the opportunity to collaborate with your company or charitable organisation and help you to potentially gain valuable exposure and make your mark  on guests or clients in a meaningful and fun way! We are confident we can excel in contributing to making any event a resounding success!

We love to help…

Our awesome photo booths are a must have to add fun to your wedding, expo event, awards night, office Christmas party, school ball, store opening, birthday partypretty much anytime you want to add some fun you just need to get your booth on!

And here in Hawkes Bay, we love to support local community and charity events too.  So if you have a fund raiser coming up in the Bay, or one of our other regions – Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Wellington, Canterbury or Otago click here to contact us and let us know what you have coming up and if we’re available to help we’ll be there!

NZME Special Children's Extravaganza Napier 2015NZME Special Children’s Extravaganza Napier 2015

Seriously, we love supporting local events all over New Zealand, big or small. Last weekend in Hawkes Bay we helped out at The Special Children’s Extravaganza, (with 600+ kids that would be in the big category) And recently around NZ we’ve help out Air Rescue Trust, Bellyful, Canteen, Life Flight Trust, Pink Ribbon events, Christmas at the Park, CCF and many local school and club fundraiser events just to name a few! So next weekend we’re helping a local kindy (and that would fit in the small category) with their fundraiser because we just love to help.

fundraiserSo get in touch now and let’s see if we can help you!


Hawkes Bay Regional Manager

You cant beat a photo booth at a school ball ….

We are flying through school ball season, and what a great year it has been!   Having been in this business for some time now, we are lucky enough to attend balls for the same school year after year.  And we are constantly amazed by the creativeness and classiness of each event – they really do get better and better year on year.

And of course, a photo booth is always such a HUGE hit at these balls ….. proof of this being in the queue which can be seen trailing from the booth all night long.  Lets face it – everyone loves a good selfie (especially students) – so our booth is always going to be one of the most popular additions to the night.  We often overhear students saying things like “this is the best night of my life” or “this is the best photo booth ever”!

If you have already had one of our booths at your school ball this year, don’t forget to jump on to our website to see your photos on the online gallery (if this was booked as part of the package) – its a great way to re-live one of the best nights of the year!

For those of you who still have your school ball coming up – we look forward to joining you for another fab night!


Jacs & Dee

Auckland Managers

Waikato brides and grooms – book before the end of July!

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at the Waikato Wedding Expo :)  Mindy, Cynthia and I had a ball meeting you all and judging by your photostrips and photo’s it looks like you had lots of fun in our booth too.

Everyone who gave us their email addresses will have received our special expo offer email by now, if you haven’t received this please contact our fabulous Suze, admin extraordinaire at  Remember our special expo offers are available to those who book before the end of July and pay their $100 deposit by 7th August.

Remember all our packages include:

  • Unlimited Double Instant Prints
  • Happy & Friendly Attendant
  • Custom Memory Stick of Images
  • Digital copy of all images and strips
  • Set up and pack down




An old time concept at Oldtimers’ Day

IMG_0112Don’t let the fierce face fool you – these guys were having fun!

In late June we were able to take the Wellington booth along to the Norths Rugby Club for their Oldtimers’ Day. It was a great time to be there because the club had been through a busy and emotional couple of weeks with the death of their club icon Jerry Collins. In a short period of time these amazing folk had helped to pull together a funeral and a march for Porirua’s favourite son. It was a real illustration of the community spirit in Porirua.

So when it came time to celebrate all their former players we set up a booth in the club for a couple of hours and had the full spread of club supporters through it – young and old, past players and future players all getting snapped in the booth. Thanks Norths for letting us be part of a cool occasion.

Flying through time with Photo Booth Fun

We often have people say things to us like “oh wow a photo booth – they really are the latest craze aren’t they” – and while they are very popular in 2015 did you know they date back a LONG way – a seriously long way! They first hit the world long before Hair dryers, band aids, instant coffee and even before the first plane took off!

To find out where the photo booth journey really starts we need to fly back in time, way back to the year 1888. In 1888 there were two man who were clearly born before their time who first came up with the idea of an automated photography machine. Unfortunately for Mr William Pope and Mr Edward Pope there newly patented invention was never actually made –  but what a fabulous idea it was and this is where the photo booth story begins.

Fast forward a few years to 1889 and the Paris World Fair and meet another couple of clever thinking gentlemen, Mr T. E. Enjalbert and German Photographer Mathew Steffens. Now these two were more than just ideas men and they presented the very first working photo booth – which was very cool but unfortunately it wasn’t overly reliable (unlike our VERY reliable Photo Booth Fun booths) so that was really the end of that!

Now if we fast forward another couple of years we meet German inventor Conrad Bernitt and this dude was really onto it. He created the first ever commercially successful photo booth, producing ferrotypes, he went on to name this marvelous invention “Bosco”…I really think it is one cool looking piece of machinery!


The Bosco Photo Booth

The Bosco Photo Booth

The next clever guy in photo booth history was Carl Sasse who in 1896 thought up and produced the first machine to produce images using the negative and positive process which was a bit of a major and led on to the beginning of the photo booth craze in the 1920s! From that point on photo booths started popping up across the world – providing hours of entertainment for generations!

So there you have it! Photo Booths – the latest craze since 1923!  92 years ago – that’s not bad going for a craze!

Image Quality Matters

Welcome to the end of June folks!

It has been a month of chilly weather here in the Bay of Plenty, in fact all over the country it has been freezing! I hope you’ve all kept safe, dry and warm over the last month, it’s sad to say but I think it’s only going to get colder!

With the cold weather there comes comfort in warming up with friends and family and reminiscing over fond memories. Memories are great, but can fade, so sometimes having a picture to renew those old feelings can be a valuable addition to any story or evening around the fireplace. Unfortunately some photos don’t stand the test of time, however some do. Like the high quality colour, or black and white prints from our Photo Booths.

We know that our equipment is top notch, and delivers exceptional results, consistently, that stand the test of time. Which given that you’re paying your hard earned money for our services, transforms the experience from a mere novelty, to a worthwhile investment in memories that can be drawn upon time and time again to provide cheer when the weather or other factors conspire to make the outlook gloomy.

We also have some pretty cool guys and girls working for us who don’t mind you and your guests cutting loose and having a great time. It’s of huge importance to us that every part of the Photo Booth Fun experience lives up to its name!

Just check out these images from our most recent event here in the Bay of Plenty to gain an insight into the sort of emotion that we can help you to take home in your pocket or bag, or custom guestbook, or frame, or custom memory stick, or custom envelope, or even in a private online gallery. We like to give you more than a couple of options!


Think Photo Booth Fun for your childs next birthday party!

Got a kids birthday party coming up?  Need some inspiration  ….. ? 

Planning a childs birthday party can be hard work!!!  Alot of preparation and time goes into planning the food alone, let alone thinking about what games etc are needed to keep the young ones entertained.

Why not consider hiring a photo booth for your next party?  They are fast becoming more popular at kids parties, and we get so much fabulous feedback from parents about what a great addition it was to the big day.  It is such a perfect way to get some great photos of your kids, as well as some family photos to be treasured for a long time afterwards!  And who needs goodie bags when you can send people home with some super cool photo strips to hang on their fridge.

And don’t forget our fabulous design team can take care of creating a great photo strip for you too – to make sure it matches the theme of your party (just ask us about this at time of booking).

Contact us today – your kids will love you for it!


Jacs & Dee

Auckland Managers

Waikato Wedding Expo… Sunday 28th June!

Looking at Hamilton or the Waikato for your wedding – but still have a few bits and pieces to plan? Well you’ll definitely want to come along to the Waikato Wedding Expo this month Sunday the 28th!

In addition to having the best Waikato venues, photographers and caterers all in one location, we’ll be showing off our fabulous touch screen photo booth and taking names and email details for our exclusive Waikato Wedding Expo specials.

So come down to the Hamilton Gardens Pavilion from 9:30 – 4:00pm and give our booth a try, you’ll get to see what all the fun is about, and in less than a minute you’ll have your very own photo strip as a momento of the day – and us!

Great causes


The Wellington Photobooth has been out and about for some great causes in May.

First we ventured out onto the street to help out collectors for the Mary Potter Hospice appeal. This was the first time in recent memory we’ve had a booth actually out on the street – parked up just outside Unity Books on Willis St. It was great to see all the folk walk past and stop and look at the people inside the booth and even if everyone didn’t venture inside it was a great way to grab a bit of attention on a chilly Wellington Friday. A big thanks to WCC and Unity Books for allowing it to happen.

The next day we headed out to one of the Pink Ribbon Breakfasts being held around the country to raise funds to fight breast cancer. Greg, our Wellington Manager bravely ventured into a breakfast jam-packed with Porirua ladies. Their initial disappointment that he wasn’t a stripper was replaced pretty quickly with laughter, giggles and a queue for the booth that stretched around the room.

A big thanks to all the lovely folk who used the booth and made generous donations and to the folks who got us involved in fun for great causes!