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Waikato BOP Special Children’s Christmas Party

The Waikato team are stoked to be supporting the Waikato BOP region Special Children’s Christmas Party at Mystery Creek on Saturday the 12th December.

This years party will start at 10:45 am and run for three and a half fun filled hours during which time the children will be treated to a star studded stage show featuring many local, national and international artists. There will be bouncing castles, face painting, our photobooth of course(!) merry-go-rounds, petting zoos, pony rides, clowns, dancers, fairies, magicians, hoop shooting contests, bowling alleys, Police and Army displays, etc to provide plenty of fun and entertainment. With all this fun to be had there will be all the drinks, lollies, chippies, sausages, iceblocks, ice creams, burgers, sandwiches, fruit juice, apples etc. that we can provide to keep the energy levels high.

Santa has made some spectacular entrances such as abseiling down from a 20 metre high roof with his 6 helper elves, on horseback with Mark Todd at the reins, in a Ferrari, on Harley Davidson motor bikes, in a Rolls Royce Limousine, on a sleigh pulled by 2 Newfoundland dogs, on a fire engine etc. After wishing everyone a merry Christmas it is then off to the HUGE Santa’s caves filled with thousands of top quality gifts that spread for over 70 metres. This is when every special child, will receive 3 or 4 high quality gifts to call their own and personally meet Santa.

Special children's Xmas Party 1Special children's Xmas Party 2 Special children's Xmas Party 3




As you can see each regional Special Children’s Christmas Party is a huge event to organise. It involves some dedicated staff and lots of business and community support. If you would like to get involved please feel free to contact the team via ;)

Farewell Suze!


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Its a very sad month for us all here at Photo Booth Fun, as we say a massive and heartfelt farewell to our bookings/admin/accounts extraordinaire Suze!   Suze has been with us for over 5 years, and most of our customers would have had the pleasure of dealing with her at some stage or another, as she helped to make the whole booking process easy and stress-free for everyone.

As Suze heads off to embark on a new career, we would all like to take this opportunity to thank her for her amazing dedication to Photo Booth Fun, and we wish her all the very best for the future.  And of course share some snap-shots of the face that we know and love, and reflect on all the great times that have been had.  We are going to really miss you Suze!


Jacs, Dee & the entire Photo Booth Fun team!

Always work with children and animals!

Someone is a bit more convinced than the other here

There is the old showbiz adage that states you should never work with children or animals. At Photobooth Fun we say to heck with that! Some of the most awesome moments in a photobooth can be provided by our little friends (of either 2 or 4 legs).

Dog in a PhotoboothIn October both children and animals came together in fantastic fashion when the Wellington team helped the Pet Centre out for two days for the grand opening of their Lyall Bay store. We had families, kids, bunnies, puppies, older dogs and even an 85kg St. Bernard in the booth! Some folks even came back with more family, friends and pets the second day!

Its the great thing about a photobooth for a function – everyone loves them. And more importantly we can even make sure that all your guests, furry or otherwise, can have a turn. If you’ve got a lot of kids or pets at your function let us know because we can give you some advice about the best set up to make sure that everyone has a chance to make great memories in the booth.

It is that time of year!

If your house is like my house then you are probably well into the Christmas countdown! While I am still trying to figure out where exactly the last 10 months have gone I find myself saying “be nice to your sister – you know Santa’s elves are heading out soon to keep watch” all too often, and answering all toy requests with “put it in your letter to Santa and see what happens”. Christmas stores seem to be popping up in places I didn’t even know existed and that catchy Christmas music has started in the background of radio adverts… what does all this mean? It is a fairly good indication that one of my favourite times of the year is upon us… end of year work function time!!

That amazing time of year when you get to let your hair down knowing that a Christmas break is so close you can almost touch it…and what are the vital ingredients for a successful work function? Good food, Good drink, good entertainment AND a good photo booth! That is where Photo Booth Fun come in and we can’t wait!


So be like these 2 at your work function…




Because nobody wants to be like this guy….

No photo booth

If for some silly reason you haven’t locked us in for you work do then give us a call today and we will try and squeeze you in!

Your feedback means so much to us!


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Receiving positive feedback from customers is probably the most rewarding part of any job.  And here at Photo Booth Fun we just love hearing how much positive impact a photo booth made at a function, and how much fun everyone had with it.  We have received some wonderful feedback recently, so thought we would share a few snippets with you.  Here is what some of our customers have had to say ….

“You have a great and easy to use website. Your staff are extremely helpful and easy to deal with – no request was too hard. Thank you so much for everything you did for us”

“Thought I would let you know how extremely successful the booth was on Saturday night and would really like to thank you and the team for a fantastic service, for the lovely attendant and Tony for his personalised touches.  It was definitely the stand out from the feedback Ive had I will most definitely be using your services again and also recommending Photo booth fun.  So thank you for making an amazing night extra special”

“The operator was lovely, very good with the kids and a pleasure to have in the house. The whole event was great and hassle free – thanks so much”

We would like to send out a big thank you to everyone who has hired our booth recently, and has taken the time to return some feedback to us – we truly appreciate it!

Jacs & Dee

Auckland Managers

Get some Photo Booth Fun with the Waikato SPCA


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We love to show case our booths whilst supporting local charity and community events, so come along to the Waikato SPCA Open Day this Saturday 10th October 10am-4pm – we’ll be there from 11am-3pm.

In addition to picking up a FREE SPCA themed photo strip with your family and/or NEW family member – they are offering the chance to take home some bargains on equipment that they no longer need (hutches, kennels, horse rugs etc) And they are also offering some amazing October adoption specials – just $100 dogs (usually $180) and $25 cats (usually $49).  They’re keen to get all of their gorgeous animals into homes before their big move at the end of October.  Check out these cuties…




You may find your next family member at their ADOPT FROM THE SPCA section :)

Showing Wellington

We get all sorts of things in the booth in Wellington and now we can add actual muppets to the list!

We were at the 2015 Show Me Wellington Conference Expo early last month where we had a great time showing the booth off to hundreds of potential corporate hirers. It was great to get a whole different bunch of people through the booth and get them to have a play with our new social media uploader. With this new feature your guests can now use a tablet, linked wirelessly to the booth, to select and upload their pictures to Facebook and Twitter – straight away from whatever function they might be at.

We also had a whole heap of fantastic comments from people who had never experienced a Photobooth Fun booth before. They really liked:

  • the quality of the prints
  • our custom photo strip
  • the fact that booth guests can see the photo on the booth screen just after its been taken
  • how compact and classy our booth looked.

So we are hoping that this little taste has whetted their appetites and we might see a few familiar faces in the booth come Christmas Party time.



Flexibility is Key!

At Photo Booth Fun we like to think that we are leaders in flexibility with our booths. A key to this is being able to transport our booths virtually anywhere, so long as we are within ten metres range of a power outlet and on level ground. If your event is about location just as much as it is about fun then we would like to take a step forward and extend our services to you!

We have, in our arsenal a fleet of highly portable, durably constructed and top quality Photo Booths; with plenty of experience in utilising our booths in locations that you might not initially think are possible. Over the last couple of years our booths have attended the Internationally recognised WOMAD festival in New Plymouth, The Devonport food and Wine Festival, Taste Martinborough and The Pacifica and Polyfest event in Auckland to mention but a handful.

On many occasions our booths have been required on the upper levels of office buildings and sometimes underground in wine cellars, on farms in the middle of nowhere or on school fields for gala evenings. We can pack our booth down to a compact footprint and wheel it on a trolley to help us gain access via your building lift or access ramp and although it takes a bit of extra effort we are often able to lug it up stairwells too (although some of our smaller operators may require help from a few strapping blokes if they’re feeling gentlemanly).

We also like to make sure nobody is left out of the fun, so we try to offer solutions to issues such as height (small children and little people) and mobility (people in wheel chairs), in these cases we can provide a stool or locate the booth near a platform or ramp if available. If this isn’t a viable option we can always allocate a portion of time to reducing the height of our booth and letting those who may have missed out get snapped a few times, ensuring that nobody has to sit on the sidelines.

We would love to talk to you if you’re planning any event that you may think could benefit from our added flexibility, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out if we can help you with your next shindig! Until next post, have a fun time out there :)

The Wedding Gift NZ & Giving something back

I don’t think many of us can even begin to imagine how earth shattering getting news that our lives will end sooner than we ever thought could ever be, it isn’t something that we like to think about…. But just for a moment imagine you have just been given a limited time to live…. I think at that point most of us would begin to write a list of things that we wanted to check off while we still could. For some people one of the most important things on that list could be to marry the one they love. Now imagine that getting married is on your bucket list but you simply don’t have the time, or the knowledge or possibly the funds to achieve that big day? Heart-breaking! Well there is a new organisation in town and it is set to make all the difference – a caring, selfless non-profit organisation to help those who are terminally ill to achieve their wedding dreams and Photo Booth Fun are right there with them.

The Wedding Gift NZ is a non-profit organisation providing/planning wedding ceremonies and celebrations for people with life threatening or terminal illnesses in Taranaki. (Although in time, the aim is you reach far more than just Taranaki)

Services are provided by local business without prejudice or agenda for the simple purpose of sharing love and providing lasting memories.

I’m sure at this point you wonderful Taranaki people are wondering what you can do to help with this amazing new venture – well the good news is they have their first fundraising event coming up soon. It will be an amazing day and all event information can be found here: Please take the time to have a look or contact Louise at if you have any questions or simply want to help.

Photo Booth Fun are very proud to be helping with such a wonderful event and we would love to see you there.

The Fun of The Theatre

This month we had the pleasure of travelling to Dunedin where our booth got to go behind the velvet ropes of the VIP after-party for the opening night of The Phantom of the Opera.

Dunedin is such a cool city and it was great to see everyone in their finery having a laugh in our booth – Never a dull moment when the theatre and the booth meet!


Hope to see you again soon, Dunedin :)


Manager Chch/S.I