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Whats coming up in Auckland?

April is really shaping up to be a big month for the Auckland crew – with lots of cool things going on.

Next Tuesday we will have a stand at Convene – where organisers of conferences, meetings and incentives can source a diverse range of products and services under one roof.  Convene 2015 will be held on Tuesday April 21 from 9am-4.30pm at the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre.  We will be at stand number 86 – so if you are attending this expo, please come along and say hi.

The following weekend sees us back at the Grand Wedding Expo at Sky City.  This is one of our favourites, as we get to meet heaps of excited brides and grooms making plans for one of the biggest days of their lives.  If you are planning a wedding over the coming year, you really should come along to this expo – everything you need for your big day is under the one roof!
We are also attending a fundraiser for a 15 year old from Rangitoto College who has been selected to represent and speak at Gallipoli this year – wow what a privilege!

So as the weather takes a drop in temperature, things sure are continuing to stay hot here in the photo booth world!  Until next time, stay warm and well everyone!

Jacs & Dee
Auckland Managers

Some other things to do with a booth

Good brand exposure right there!

Good brand exposure right there!


When people think about photo booths they normally see them at weddings, school balls or maybe the odd birthday or Christmas party but there are so many other times that a photo booth can be a really cool thing to have around. This blog is full of lots of occasions when our box has been to some out of the box events and put to some out of the box uses but here are a couple of suggestions.

Getting your brand out there

The life span of the humble photo strip can be much longer than you expect. We have lots of stories from people who meet us at events and expos who tell us that they have photos from our booths on their fridge or at the work space or on the noticeboard months or years after the event. We’ve even had the same folks come up to us several years in a row to update their “family photo”. So strips hang around for quite a while. We can customise those strips to carry your brand and your message so that its not just that the photos are reminders of a good time but also of your business.

Raising Awareness

There doesn’t just have to be a commercial imperative here either. We’ve helped spread health messages, encouraged tertiary education and promoted recycling amongst other things. Having a photo booth at events to raise awareness also helps give the event a fun and memorable twist that can help keep people around for a bit longer.

Raising funds

A booth at an event can also raise funds for your cause. We are happy to assist with charging a small fee to use the booth and because you get a USB stick with all the images from the booth on it after we’re done some canny groups have also sold the larger digital images to people after the event to raise some more much needed cash.

So whatever you want your event to achieve we can help that happen with our booths. Just get on the phone and talk to you local team to see how we can help out.

It’s Ball time in Taranaki!

This is going to be awesome!

Photo Booth Fun will be hitting the Taranaki Autumn Ball in May and we can’t wait! It turns out 350 other people were equally excited and snapped up all the tickets within the first few weeks of sale! We hope if you are in The Naki that you got your tickets nice and early but if you didn’t then don’t stress because we can come to your next event! We can’t think of an event that our booths wouldn’t be perfect for – if you are hosting guests then chances are  a Photo Booth Fun booth would be the perfect way to keep your guests laughing!

Tarabaki Autumn Ball Photo Booth Fun

But for now lets talk about ball season!

We were stoked to be involved with a heap of you last ball season and would love to bring our booth along this year too. We love everything about ball season – The dresses, the suits, the music, the photos… the crazy dance moves… we love it all! If you give us a call we would be happy to discuss your big night and talk through some options for you.

We can’t wait to see some of you at the Taranaki Autumn Ball and to all of those of you that missed out on tickets – remember every occasion is a booth occasion so get in touch!


Easter + Photo Booth = FUN!

Need some inspiration for your Easter holiday celebrations this weekend? Of course our photo booths are a fun addition to any party!

And if you need an additional pick me up, check out The Party Event for a huge selection of photo booth prop templates (Easter, Xmas and Casino themed nights etc) these are also available from

Happy customers returning year after year…

Well we must be doing something right as this has been a month of repeat business from very happy customers.

Back at the start of March we attended the AUT AuSM week at all 3 campuses – an event we attend several times a year.  And just last week we were at Pasifika, and will be attending Polyfest this coming weekend – festivals that keep inviting us back!  We have also been at several 21st birthday parties of people whose older siblings had booked us a few years earlier (for their own 21st’s!).

Please be assured that we will endeavour to continue to provide the very best service we can –  to not only hold onto the customers we already have, but hopefully to add YOU to that list.

Thanks to all those lovely customers who keeping coming back – and a very warm welcome to those about to join the “happy” list.

Jacs & Dee

Auckland regional managers

Stunning wedding locations in the Waikato

WOW!  What a busy wedding season we’re having in the Waikato, we’ve had fun snapping brides, grooms and their guests all over the Waikato and here’s some of the totally awesome, photo booth friendly wedding venues we’ve appeared at so far…


Woodlands Historic Homestead – Gordonton, Hamilton


Sarnia Park Botique Lodge – Cambridge


The Red Barn – Hinuera


The Green Dragon Inn – The Shire, Middle Earth, Matamata


The Boatshed – Lake Karapiro


Rosenvale – Te Awamutu


How many people can you fit in that thing?

Photobooth Fun - making people movers look simultaneously awkward and gangster since ages ago

Photobooth Fun – making people movers look simultaneously awkward and gangster since ages ago

One of the questions we often get asked is “How many people can you fit in this thing?” Its normally as a group of 4 people try to go into the booth.

Well, 4 is no problem. Neither is 6. And, I think the record is 19 people within the curtained confines of the booth.

There's something like 17 people in here. If you know what to look for

There’s something like 17 people in here. If you know what to look for

Its all a matter of human Tetris, organising people by size and making sure everyone can see the camera. But it can be done.

Take the curtain off and anything is possible! You’ll notice above there’s a people mover in the background – so we can fit all sorts of things in the photo booth frame. Without the curtain it depends on how good the lighting is and how you arrange yourself to get the most people in focus. You can even get your own custom back-drops made or use the ones provided so conveniently by Mother Nature.

So there are all sorts of combinations and configurations that you might want to think about, or talk to us about when you book a booth. However you look at it – the only limit to the number of people in the booth is your ingenuity and imagination!

All will be revealed…..

Keeping secrets can be hard, especially when they are about something really exciting! And keeping secrets is exactly what the Taranaki team have been doing BUT the time is almost here to reveal all!

We are super excited to be involved with one of the coolest events to hit the Naki …. ever…. can you guess???

Lets just say it involves a heap of AMAZING local business which of course includes Photo Booth Fun Taranaki’s favourite entertainment crew DMan entertainment.

All will be revealed very soon so keep an eye on our Facebook page and on DMan’s page – you will not want to miss this!





Speaking of secrets, did you know one of the coolest surprises to keep secret for your event is one of our Booths! We often take bookings from brides, grooms, event planners, birthday boys and girls (the list goes on) that organise a Photo Booth Fun booth for their event but say “don’t tell anyone because this is going to be the best surprise ever” And it rally is! Nothing like having something to surprise your guests with to make you event even more special.

See keeping secrets might be hard but with us it is super FUN too!

We cover the bay, and go the extra mile or two!

The Bay of Plenty photo booth ends up in some fairly out of the way spots, and we’re often asked ‘how far do you go?’ Well that’s an excellent question!

With our Tauranga base we offer FREE delivery within 50kms of the Tauranga CBD, and that covers all of the local conference facilities and wedding venues, and includes Katikati to the North, Pyes Pa, Papamoa and Te Puke to the South.

But we go much further, in fact as long as you’ve got vehicle access and power we cover the whole of the Bay of Plenty region – including Rotorua, Kawerau, Whakatane and Opotiki.

If you’re thinking even further afield, then don’t worry we’ve our network of photo booth regions all over New Zealand – with booths in Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Napier, Wellington and Christchurch each region offers free delivery within 50kms of the CBD, and that’s a massive chunk of New Zealand covered!

School balls …. its never too early to start planning yours!

Okay, so we are only in February, and Christmas was really not that long ago ….. but its never too early to start planning ahead to your 2015 school ball!  School balls can take a huge amount of planning and preparation, so the sooner you can start, the better your night will be.

Photo Booth Fun is going to be at the School Ball Expo again this year – which is on Thursday 12th March at the Ellerslie Events Centre.  It is a fabulous event, which is designed to help all students organising or attending their High School Ball, Prom or Senior Formal. You’ll find useful information on school ball planning and budgeting, as well as a list of recommended local DJs, Bands, Photographers and more. And event better – its free to enter!  For more information go to



Put it in your diary today, and hope to see you there!


Jacs & Dee
Auckland Managers