Because people do the funniest things when they think no one's watching...

Al Fresco Photo Booth


There she is! A Photo Booth standing majestically in the great outdoors – not necessarily what you would think is its natural habitat. But it can be.

Especially during the summer, having a Photo Booth outdoors can be a great option. Not only does it mean that you can have it at your garden wedding but it also means that you can have your photos against a wonderful natural backdrop and not just inside the black curtains. Pull the curtains back (or get them removed entirely) and you can use nature as your backdrop and even have large groups pose a little further away so you can get 20 or more people in your strip!

But, like every other part of an outdoor wedding, there are some things to consider:

  • Can we get power to the location you’ve chosen for the booth? We come with 10 metres of extension cord but your venue may be able to supply more.
  • Is the terrain suitable? The booth needs a bit of good, flat ground.
  • How breezy is it likely to be? If you’ve chosen a bit of a wind tunnel to put the booth in remember fluttering curtains can be a bit annoying. Like many things at a wedding a bit of tape can fix that but it pays to think about.
  • Where’s the sun going to be? When your booth is up and taking photos you want the natural light to be good. The dappled shadows from a tree may make for nice ambience but terrible photos!
  • Like everything else in an outdoor event – do you have an emergency indoor site if things go bad weather wise?

Having a photo booth outside is a great way to have even more fun in the sun. Think about it for your next event and get our booths into the great outdoors!

Ready set pose!

Probably the most discussed topic in the photo booth would have to be the pose of choice! Some boothers have it down to an art! They have a plan from start to finish before they even take one step into the booth…others prefer the ‘live in the moment’ technique. Either way getting that perfect pose is all part of the fun! 2013-11-30 20-06-27 IMG_0139IMG_0290

We have noticed a few trends when it comes to photo booth poses…there is the tried and true tongue out, or total look of surprise! (Sometime in the same photo when someone’s tongue accidentally connects with some else’s cheek)! And we can’t forget the pouty face, peace sign, Charlie’s Angels pose (this seems to require a surprising amount of coordination), duck face, hugs, smiles, pointing at one another and awwww the kiss! There are a few more that come to mind but I’m not sure they are blog appropriate so I will let you use your imagination for that!

IMG_0337No matter what pose you choose – it will be sure to have you in fits of laughter and that is what it is all about! Remember you are only limited by your imagination so I challenge you to come up with a new classic pose… One that we will remember for many gigs to come!


Oooh! I like that one..!

Being the Regional Manager for Hawkes Bay, co-ordinating and working at awesome events and celebrations in Napier, Hastings, Havelock North and the greater Hawkes Bay area (even in Taupo, Palmerston North, Gisborne and beyond) is so much fun! But I have to say, one of my favourite jobs I do for the Photo Booth Fun team is designing the custom overlays;overlay-Ball-1taking the designs and ideas that you’ve worked on for your wedding or party or corporate eventoverlay-Comm-1and designing a strip look to match or compliment those ideas so your event is even more awesomeoverlay-wed-2So I thought I’d take some of my favourite designs from last yearoverlay-Corp-1and put them together in a gallery to give you some ideas of what we can do and maybe inspire youoverlay-Corp-2for your event this year to enhance your Photo Booth Fun booking with a custom strip design.overlay-Party-1Take a closer look on our Facebook Gallery here  overlay-wed-1  Now let me know what I can do for you..

Tony Speakman

Hawkes Bay Regional Manager and Graphic Designer

The curtains have officially opened on 2014!

Wow – here we are mid way through January already – gosh time flies when you are having fun!  We had a lovely summer break – were lucky enough to enjoy New Years up in the beautiful Bay of Islands just relaxing and enjoying the wonderful beaches.  We decided to camp this year – a brave move with an active toddler in tow – however it was surprisingly hassle free!

We also had family come and visit from all around the globe, which brought with it alot of precious time sitting around and reminiscing about the year just gone.  A big event for us in 2013 had been our own wedding, and our photo booth photos came out again (providing much laughter and happy memories from our big day!).

And obviously no news years would be complete without new years resolutions (you either love ‘em or hate ‘em!!).  We wont bore you with our personal resolutions, however our big Photo Booth Fun goal for 2014 is to get some new and exciting FAMOUS FACES inside our booths – so watch this space!!

We are so excited about the year ahead and joining you all at special days of your own.  Enjoy summer everyone!

Jacs & Dee
Auckland Managers

Photo Booth Mania 2014!

Happy New Year from the Waikato, Bay of Plenty Photobooth Fun team!

We covered thousands of kilometers in 2013, being a part of people’s celebrations and it’s awesome that we’ve been to locations we’d never had been to if you hadn’t invited us. No two events were the same and we love that our beautiful country is full of thousands of fun kiwis – we’ve enjoyed meeting you all.

We hope 2014 will be as amazing for you as it looks like being for us. The summer calendar is filling fast but still lots of dates left so go. You’ll also see us at a lot of the international events so make sure you come and say “Hi” and get your groove on in the booth.

Here’s a beautiful fellow we’re looking forward to meeting at Balloons Over Waikato 2014..see you there!

Taranaki is going to ROCK in 2014!

Happy New Year! We hope you all had an amazing festive season and an unforgettable New Year!

The Taranaki Photo Booth Fun team are so excited about what 2014 means for us! When we look through our calendar we see many weddings at some very cool venues from here to Wanganui (yes we cover Wanganui too)!!  We also see some great functions and events that look like they are going to be awesome! The good news is we love what we do and would work every day if we could so yes there are still dates available and we would love to hear from you! We’re sure that all 2014 events are going to rock but they will rock just that little bit more with Photo Booth Fun there – we know this because we are always receiving beautiful feedback!

“This booth is soooo much fun”

“This is so cool  – all events should have them”

“I love that we have a booth in New Plymouth now”

“Our guests are loving this – We just became weddings of the year right here”

“Other than my wedding dress this is my favourite thing about my wedding”

And our all-time favourites “ WOW these photos are such awesome quality! I look so good in these photos” and “I can’t get over these photos are you sure there is not a photographer in that booth”!

We can’t get enough of the Photo Booth love!

If you haven’t already booked us now is the time – go on give us a call! You will LOVE it!

And while you are making that call check out Jaylene the stunning bride at our very first 2014 event! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Baker!


A great end to 2013

Happy New Year everyone – Yep, the year has flown by and we’ve had a ball (and attended a quite a few as well!). Congratulations to our first South Island happy couples for 2014, Lee and Natalie, and James and Julia. Both couples wed on the 4th Jan in scenic South Canterbury and we were quite happy to kick of 2014 in such beaut locations :)

The Christchurch team had a fabulous time with the photo booth over the Christmas period – We had balls, weddings, company Xmas dos,  festive carol evenings and we were even lucky enough to bring our special brand of fun along to the Child Cancer Foundation’s 2013 Christmas party – And who did we have trying out props and striking poses with the best of them but my favourite Crusader and All Black, Kieran Read – Of course, lots of people wanted photos with him!  Now  as we all know, having a turn or two in the booth is not exactly a hard task, but what a good sport (excuse the pun)! Although, this champ didn’t come close to beating some of our bride’s records for longest non-stop stint in the booth!

I’m looking forward to what 2014 has to offer – We’re full swing into wedding season now so bring it on!


Michaela – Manager, Christchurch


My First Wedding Season


If you scroll back through this blog enough you’ll probably find other posts similar to this from past Wellington Managers – but here’s my version.

I get to go to a few weddings in my life. I’ve had one batch of friends hitched and the next, slightly younger wave is starting the process now but as they are my friends the weddings are all sorta the same. We are a group of people with similar backgrounds and similar interests and tastes. But since embarking on my first wedding season with Photobooth Fun I’ve seen a lot more! I’ve been to big cook Island weddings with dancing and singing, rocker weddings with tattoos, piercings and partial nudity and quite a few in between. Its a real chance to see how different people celebrate and to be part of those celebrations.

Thanks folks – for inviting us in and letting us make your special day a little more special.

And roll on the rest of the wedding season – I can’t wait to see what I’ll find

As the curtains close on 2013 …

Well, what a year it has been!!!  2013 has been an incredible year for us …. our massively busy bookings calender has seen us grow both in new staff and in brand new booths!  We have been at some fantastic events and loved every minute of them!


As the curtains begin to close on 2013, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our superstar operators – Adam, Alex, Carla, Sai, Sarah & Vivian – you guys absolutely rock and we couldn’t ask for a better team.

And of course we want to thank YOU!  The people that have used us over the past year and shared your special day / event with us.  We have loved working with you all and hope to see you again in 2014 – its going to be another AWESOME year!


On behalf of the Auckland crew, we wish you all a safe, happy and festive Christmas.  We look forward to 2014 and hope to be coming to a party with you again soon.

Jacs & Dee
Auckland Managers

‘Tis the Season

In the build up to Christmas, there’s nothing like a good party to get everyone in the festive mood. This month we were proud to support The Radio Network’s Special Children’s Christmas Party here in Christchurch – A very special event which provides an unforgettable experience for disabled and disadvantaged children in our community.

And what a day it was, there were so many fun things to see and do and the photobooth ran non-stop – All that laughter coming from behind the curtain was contagious and it was great to see smiles on the faces of those patiently queuing for a turn.

It was a real privilege to be a part of this fantastic day, I met so many lovely families and had a ball watching all the fun.

We have lots more Christmas parties coming up  this month and I look very forward to seeing some of that Christmas cheer snapped in the photo booth.

Season’s greetings from Canterbury!

Michaela – Manager Christchurch