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MC or not MC? Is that the question?


Wellington Manager Greg has been a professional MC for conferences and events for over 24 years. With Wedding season upon us Greg has some suggestions for getting the most out of your MC:GE on stage

Weddings are a curious gathering of people. Unless its a super small affair there’s a big chance that the only thing that most people have in common is one half of the happy couple or the other. So the formalities in the wedding reception can be a tough balancing act. Everyone likes a few great stories about the bride, groom or both but the speeches can’t go on too long or it just sucks the life out of the evening – people want to get down to the eating, drinking, dancing and photo boothing.

So your MC is an important person – they can really help tie all the speeches together or they can just make everything worse. Here’s a few quick tips for finding the right person and how to get the most out of them:

  1. Pick your MC early – its an important role and can be as important as the rest of the bridal party in making sure things go well
  2. Make sure that he or she knows who else is speaking and can get in touch with them well in advance. That way your MC has a chance to find out what people are talking about and can gently make sure they’re doing a bit of prep. Knowing who is talking and what they are talking about allows for a better and more personal introduction. Its even a great idea for them to know how long each speaker will be. It just means that people will feel like there is a time limit and not go rambling on!
  3. Its not about the MC! They are the glue that holds things together and keeps things moving but we want to hear from the parents, the happy couple and the bride and groom. Often people pick an MC who’s “a bit of an extrovert” and they can spoil things by taking up more time with their own stories. I’ve even seen one wedding MC steal one of the father of the bride’s jokes
  4. Make sure they know everything that is happening well in advance – introduce them to your planner, the photobooth operator or the venue. Then they can run and announce things without you constantly having to tell them new things
  5. Your MC is like the sober driver of the evening – they don’t get on it until the formalities are done. That way you can rely on them to keep things on the straight and narrow.
  6. Unexpected things can occur if you throw open to the floor to say something – so be prepared for that! Think about your guests and whether that is wise. If Aunty Lynne always likes a drink and to sing off-key maybe don’t open it up for anyone to talk!

If you’ve got an MC who is staying on top of those little things then the speeches at your wedding and the rest of the formalities can be a really memorable part of the evening and not an endurance test of politeness!

Do you take…? I do!

The sun is shining again here in sunny Hawkes Bay which means two things… BBQ’s and the start of “the wedding season” and of course along with that comes the perfect opportunity for some Photo Booth Fun.

Hawkes Bay has some of the best wedding venues in the country, I may be a bit biased because I live there (being a local is a real bonus!) but some call it “The Wedding Capital of New Zealand” and with great food, great wine, amazing locations and awesome people right across Napier, Hastings, Havelock North and beyond it’s no wonder. And of course the one thing that makes a wedding perfect is having a Photo Booth Fun photo booth right there.

Here’s a couple having some Photo Booth Fun on their wedding day at The Old Church from last wedding season. Thanks Meredith Lord Photography for these great shots!PBF 3PBF 1 PBF 2

We have some great packages perfect for weddings click the prices link up there and see for your self.

Call or email us NOW to “Check the date before it’s too late!”. I look forward to seeing you there… at your wedding in the sunny Wedding Capital - Hawkes Bay


Hawkes Bay Manager

We love to support your charity events

Our awesome photo booths are a must have addition to add fun to your wedding, expo event, awards night, office Xmas party, school ball, store opening, birthday party – pretty much anytime anyone wants to get their booth on!  And here in the Bay, we love to support local community and charity events too.  So if you have a fund raiser coming up in the Bay, or one of our other regions – Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Canterbury or Otago click here to contact us and let us know what you have coming up.

fundraiserSeriously, we love supporting local events all over New Zealand, recently we’ve helped out The Special Children’s Xmas Party, Air Rescue Trust open day, Bellyful, The Mad Hatters Ball, Canteen, The World Environment Day Bash, Life Flight Trust open day, Children’s day, GLO Festival fundraiser and the Hamilton West Tigers junior league fundraiser, just to name a few!

The gift that keeps on giving….

You have had a fantastic time in one of the Photo Booth Fun booths creating some fun and crazy memories you walk out grab your photo strips and have a bit of a laugh… so now what?  Is the fun over? Of course not! That funky little photo strip you hold in your hand is just beginning it’s journey with you! You head home and look around for the perfect way to keep it save… sure you could put it in a draw to ensure it doesn’t crinkle but where is the fun in that! No that little strip deserves to be on display so you can look at it and smile every time you think about your time in the booth at what was sure to have been an amazing event.

Walk into our Taranaki managers home and you can’t help but see photo strips…well…everywhere! Just the way they like it! Talk about an easy way to decorate your living room – who needs expensive wall paper when you have a few Photo Booth Fun photo strips to work with!

Check out just two of the ways Rebecca and Jordan display their photo strips…

PBF Photo Strips

PBF Photo Strip





Others go with the classic Fridge Display – always a favorite….

PBF Strip


And if it is your event an album is a must! Hannah and Sean have sent us this image of their album packed full with photo strips! Wedding guests took one photo strip home and put the other into Hannah and Sean’s album along with a creative message – now that is way more interesting than your standard wedding guest book!


PBF Photo Book

So get creative people and get those photo strips on display – it really is a great way to decorate your home!

Planning your big day ….?

Recently got engaged?  Been engaged for ages and ready to take the next step?  If you have a wedding or the horizon, then you need to put Sunday 28th September in your diary today!

The Grand Wedding Show, at Sky City, is just around the corner.  It is the perfect place to come and get your entire wedding planned in one day, with all suppliers under the one roof.  From cake makers, to honeymoon ideas – you will find everything you need to plan your big day.

The Photo Booth Fun Auckland team will be there – at our usual stand (stand number 27).  Come along and say hi, and of course take a moment to try out one of our booths and talk to us about your big day.

Hope to see you there!


Not just for the Birds!

We’re spoiled for choice in the Waikato with great function venues and spaces set in beautiful rural areas.  One of our favourite urban venues however, is set right in the heart of Hamilton at the city WINTEC campus.


What it used to look like


What it looks like now








With multiple room choices including The transparent-roofed Atrium and the Long Room over-looking the PWC courtyard, WINTEC House offers unique inner-city spaces for your function.  A mix of original building and modern architectural features, you can’t go wrong celebrating in this all-weather space.

Photobooth Fun have attended many a function here and we love it’s easy access, excellent parking facilities and dedicated event planning team.  So if you’re looking for something funky and functional – contact the team at WINTEC House

Show Me Wellington

Wellington operator Beckie on our Show Me Wellington Stand. Photo thanks to Photography by Woolf

Wellington operator Beckie on our Show Me Wellington Stand. 

Early in August we had our stand up at the Show Me Wellington expo. This is a gathering of folks in the Conference and Incentives industry where vendors, such as ourselves, meet those hard-working folk who put on all the conferences, launches and corporate shin-digs throughout the year. As per usual it was a busy day – with lots of interest and plenty of fun in the booth! Its great to be able to show the booth off in different settings because one of the first places people often see one of our booths is at a wedding. And there’s no denying they are great for weddings! But photo booths also go really well at conferences. Some delegates go to so many conferences in a year that its hard to make things stand out, to make your conference memorable. A photo strip from one of our booths is something that can really do that. We have stories of lots of our clients who have a photo strip on their fridge or in their wallet 2 or 3 years later. So why not have that kind of long-lasting memory for your conference. Our custom strips are also a great way to give value to a sponsor for your event. We can put their branding right on the strip and its something else for delegates or guests to take away that isn’t a pen! Some suggestions of great times and places for a booth: 1. The gala dinner. This is the most commonly used time for a booth. Everyone is relaxed, in their glad rags and ready for fun. 2. At registration. Why not kick everything off with a photobooth. It sets the tone for your conference and says its going to be fun and a little bit different. 3. During the lunch break. People can only talk to each other about the last presentation they saw for so long. And an hour for lunch can be a looooooong time. Maybe slot a photobooth in there to get some energy going and make some memories. And it doesn’t matter where your conference is in the country – we’ve got you covered!

If the Doctor had a TARDIS photo booth…

So the Doctor has recently regenerated, cool :) What if his TARDIS also regenerated… into a Photo Booth! Way COOLer!!

With a network of photo booths New Zealand wide, we travel everywhere.  We just need access and a power supply!  Like our Tauranga booth spending the weekend in Whakatane with Bay Rock Radio 1XX.

We’ve even mastered time travel*  That’s right, you can now book our photo booth eons into the future and we’ll be there ;)

Note: We don’t have a TARDIS shaped photobooth, but we can dress ours up like one! Please enquire when booking for availability & costs.

*While our current photo booths are one way time devices only, this TARDIS photo booth could be the inspiration for our next upgrade

Some Fun Photo Booth Facts – Did you know…?

… The patent for the first automated photography machine was filed in 1888 YES 1888! It probably was never built but still…

…The first known really working photographic machine was shown at the World Fair in Paris in 1889. The German born photographer Mathew Steffens from Chicago filed a patent for such a machine in May 1889. These early machines were not reliable enough to be self-sufficient. But, the first commercially successful automatic photographic apparatus was the “Bosco“ from the Inventor Conrad Bernitt of Hamburg (Patented July-16-1890).AutoboothMechJosepho01Note the chemical developing tank!

… The modern concept of photo booth with (later) a curtain originated with Anatol Josepho, with the first photo booth appearing 1925 on Broadway in New York City. For 25 cents, the booth took, developed and printed 8 photos, a process taking roughly ten minutes“When it first opened, there were people standing all the way around the block. Time magazine reported that 280,000 customers had entered the booths in the first six months.” The Photomaton Company was created to place booths nationwide. The photo booth phenomenon had begun.

photomatic_booth 2photomatic_booth1 frank_larson_photobooth_picture_5-23_m-400x300

… They’ve come a long way since then but the principle is still the same! The technology may have changed but the fun remains! From New York City to New Zealand. From Auckland to Dunedin, from in Hawkes Bay to Taranaki. You push the button, strike a pose (or four!) And let the Fun begin!

PBF 1PBF 2… You can give me call if you have an event – Party, Wedding, Conference, Christmas function, Awards Ceremony, Charity Auction, Fundraiser, Open Day, Ball - anything where fun is key, from Napier to Hastings, Havelock North or Central Hawkes Bay to Palmerston North, we’ll be there and we’ll bring the fun that was started nearly a century ago and still going strong today!

Call today! I’d love to hear from you.

Tony Speakman

Hawkes Bay Manager

It’s how long until Christmas?!

Has anyone else noticed that it is nearly September…. How did this happen!

First day of Spring is about to hit, next thing we know it will be Summer and then CHRISTMAS! Hard to believe we know!

Around here Christmas means Christmas parties and lots of them! Our calendar is already pretty full with Christmas functions but we still have room for a few more….and everyone knows that a Christmas party with a Photo Booth Fun booth is 100 times more fun than one without (it’s a true story).

We would love to hear from you about your Christmas party and will do our very best to get you a booth, but you will need to get onto it fast, so give us a call -0800 FOTO BOOTH

Look how much fun these happy Christmas party goers had last year – this could be you this year so go on give us a call – you know you want to!


Taranaki Photo Booth Fun Christmas