Because people do the funniest things when they think no one's watching...

Not just for the Birds!

We’re spoiled for choice in the Waikato with great function venues and spaces set in beautiful rural areas.  One of our favourite urban venues however, is set right in the heart of Hamilton at the city WINTEC campus.


What it used to look like


What it looks like now








With multiple room choices including The transparent-roofed Atrium and the Long Room over-looking the PWC courtyard, WINTEC House offers unique inner-city spaces for your function.  A mix of original building and modern architectural features, you can’t go wrong celebrating in this all-weather space.

Photobooth Fun have attended many a function here and we love it’s easy access, excellent parking facilities and dedicated event planning team.  So if you’re looking for something funky and functional – contact the team at WINTEC House

Show Me Wellington

Wellington operator Beckie on our Show Me Wellington Stand. Photo thanks to Photography by Woolf

Wellington operator Beckie on our Show Me Wellington Stand. 

Early in August we had our stand up at the Show Me Wellington expo. This is a gathering of folks in the Conference and Incentives industry where vendors, such as ourselves, meet those hard-working folk who put on all the conferences, launches and corporate shin-digs throughout the year. As per usual it was a busy day – with lots of interest and plenty of fun in the booth! Its great to be able to show the booth off in different settings because one of the first places people often see one of our booths is at a wedding. And there’s no denying they are great for weddings! But photo booths also go really well at conferences. Some delegates go to so many conferences in a year that its hard to make things stand out, to make your conference memorable. A photo strip from one of our booths is something that can really do that. We have stories of lots of our clients who have a photo strip on their fridge or in their wallet 2 or 3 years later. So why not have that kind of long-lasting memory for your conference. Our custom strips are also a great way to give value to a sponsor for your event. We can put their branding right on the strip and its something else for delegates or guests to take away that isn’t a pen! Some suggestions of great times and places for a booth: 1. The gala dinner. This is the most commonly used time for a booth. Everyone is relaxed, in their glad rags and ready for fun. 2. At registration. Why not kick everything off with a photobooth. It sets the tone for your conference and says its going to be fun and a little bit different. 3. During the lunch break. People can only talk to each other about the last presentation they saw for so long. And an hour for lunch can be a looooooong time. Maybe slot a photobooth in there to get some energy going and make some memories. And it doesn’t matter where your conference is in the country – we’ve got you covered!

If the Doctor had a TARDIS photo booth…

So the Doctor has recently regenerated, cool :) What if his TARDIS also regenerated… into a Photo Booth! Way COOLer!!

With a network of photo booths New Zealand wide, we travel everywhere.  We just need access and a power supply!  Like our Tauranga booth spending the weekend in Whakatane with Bay Rock Radio 1XX.

We’ve even mastered time travel*  That’s right, you can now book our photo booth eons into the future and we’ll be there ;)

Note: We don’t have a TARDIS shaped photobooth, but we can dress ours up like one! Please enquire when booking for availability & costs.

*While our current photo booths are one way time devices only, this TARDIS photo booth could be the inspiration for our next upgrade

Some Fun Photo Booth Facts – Did you know…?

… The patent for the first automated photography machine was filed in 1888 YES 1888! It probably was never built but still…

…The first known really working photographic machine was shown at the World Fair in Paris in 1889. The German born photographer Mathew Steffens from Chicago filed a patent for such a machine in May 1889. These early machines were not reliable enough to be self-sufficient. But, the first commercially successful automatic photographic apparatus was the “Bosco“ from the Inventor Conrad Bernitt of Hamburg (Patented July-16-1890).AutoboothMechJosepho01Note the chemical developing tank!

… The modern concept of photo booth with (later) a curtain originated with Anatol Josepho, with the first photo booth appearing 1925 on Broadway in New York City. For 25 cents, the booth took, developed and printed 8 photos, a process taking roughly ten minutes“When it first opened, there were people standing all the way around the block. Time magazine reported that 280,000 customers had entered the booths in the first six months.” The Photomaton Company was created to place booths nationwide. The photo booth phenomenon had begun.

photomatic_booth 2photomatic_booth1 frank_larson_photobooth_picture_5-23_m-400x300

… They’ve come a long way since then but the principle is still the same! The technology may have changed but the fun remains! From New York City to New Zealand. From Auckland to Dunedin, from in Hawkes Bay to Taranaki. You push the button, strike a pose (or four!) And let the Fun begin!

PBF 1PBF 2… You can give me call if you have an event – Party, Wedding, Conference, Christmas function, Awards Ceremony, Charity Auction, Fundraiser, Open Day, Ball - anything where fun is key, from Napier to Hastings, Havelock North or Central Hawkes Bay to Palmerston North, we’ll be there and we’ll bring the fun that was started nearly a century ago and still going strong today!

Call today! I’d love to hear from you.

Tony Speakman

Hawkes Bay Manager

It’s how long until Christmas?!

Has anyone else noticed that it is nearly September…. How did this happen!

First day of Spring is about to hit, next thing we know it will be Summer and then CHRISTMAS! Hard to believe we know!

Around here Christmas means Christmas parties and lots of them! Our calendar is already pretty full with Christmas functions but we still have room for a few more….and everyone knows that a Christmas party with a Photo Booth Fun booth is 100 times more fun than one without (it’s a true story).

We would love to hear from you about your Christmas party and will do our very best to get you a booth, but you will need to get onto it fast, so give us a call -0800 FOTO BOOTH

Look how much fun these happy Christmas party goers had last year – this could be you this year so go on give us a call – you know you want to!


Taranaki Photo Booth Fun Christmas

We love getting your feedback!

Here at Photo Booth Fun, we just LOVE to get good ole fashioned feedback!  Be it good or bad, we really appreciate any feedback we get from our customers, and know that it is vital for us to continually improve our products and services.

Here is what some of our Auckland customers have had to say recently …..

“I thought you were an extremely easy to deal with. In fact I was frantically disorganised but your company made it very easy to sort out. You rang back, kept in contact and were very responsive. The staff were amazing we had at the party and I have had loads of positive comments from my party guests. Anyway – I would love you to know how happy I am with Photo Booth Fun.  Thanks heaps!!”

‘We have used you in the past and have always had great experiences”

“The quality of the photos was excellent, the props were hilarious and the operator was really friendly and helpful. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks so much!”

“It was my first time in a photo booth and i had so much FUN!  Thank you so much – it was awesome”


Keep that feedback coming people and hope to see you at another event real soon!

Jacs & Dee
Auckland Managers

Ball Season is Upon Us!

School Ball Waikato

Balls and formals have always been the highlight of any high school calendar. Starting as early as July, the young people of New Zealand don their very finest and undertake an extensive beautification routine for the big night.
Photobooth Fun are a perfect addition to the night’s celebrations. We provide several package deal options for schools and are always happy to customise the booking to suit.
In the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, we’ve already attended four brilliant balls and met loads of lovely young people having a great time in the booth.
Give our administration team a call on 0800 FOTO BOOTH to book your date in now!

A Mad Affair!


We recently had the privilege of bringing our booth to the Mad Hatters’ Ball in Christchurch.  This was the latest incarnation of the annual fundraiser held by our friends at Shocking Pink and wow, what a turnout and WOW, what hats!!

But I think this train hat has to be my favourite! An impressive fit in our photo booth!


I love bringing the booth to join the Shocking Pink party – Not just because it’s so much fun, but also because this is a great charity well worth supporting.

I can’t wait to see the fabulous costumes at next year’s ball!



Manager – Christchurch/S.I

Everything is awesome!


A photo booth made out of Lego

Even Lego has a Photobooth now

I was looking at the new Lego collections, as one does on a blustery Wellington day, and I noticed that one of the latest sets has its own Photobooth! You know that when Lego does a model of something its finally arrived in pop culture coolness. So it must be the time of the Photobooth!

Congratulations if you’re one of those folks who have already had a booth before or have made your booking you are are ahead of the curve!

But for the rest of you – fear not! You can still get in on the magic and without all the fiddly little Lego pieces.

We’ll do the assembly of our booths for you and the best thing about our booths is that you get the strips to take away with you – not as a little plastic bit but as a professionally printed strip of memories. And one that won’t hurt your bare foot if you accidentally step on one like a Lego brick.

The other good news is that we are taking bookings for those all important Christmas parties. The tiny little toy booth in the picture won’t hold your boss, Dave from accounts, the whole marketing team and Linda’s boyfriend Wayne all at the same time. But ours do.

So get on a put a real Photobooth on your Christmas party wishlist for this year. All the cool kids will be opening theirs under the tree on Christmas Day.

We’ll leave you with this Lego booth, constructed by the son of our very own Hawkes Bay Region Manager Tony.

Every booth is awesome!

Homegrown booth

This booth was made by the son of our Hawkes Bay manager – our uniforms aren’t quite as cool as that!



Getting your DIY on….

Here at Photo Booth Fun we are big on the kiwi way of DIY! We have seen some pretty amazing props created especially for our booth events…we have even been known to create our own!

If you have an event coming up and you are the DIY type you are probably about to spend hours flicking through inspiration boards online looking for that perfect idea…well let us save you some time and have a look at some super cool DIY photo booth props…

il_570xN.352934452_d0ju 8bf2d5c1ad8e4e5e9cac8f83564f1771




Not the DIY type? No worries – just ask about adding our Photo Booth Fun props to your package and let the fun begin!

Remember when it comes to props there are no rules! Blackboards, frames, silly faces….anything goes and that is just the way we like it!