15 of the most Epic Photo-Bombs…


Posted by Tony Speakman, in Photo Booth

One of the awesome things about photo booths is they inevitably attract the photo-bomber. Several events we’ve had in Hawkes Bay over the last year or so have even developed into a competition to see who could effect the perfect photo-bomb. Did they succeed..? You decide…

1     I just want a photo of the Bride and Groom while they’re standing still for a minute…IMG_0057

2     The handy insert… IMG_0049

3     The Bride Bomber…IMG_0119

4     From the front and the back… good job!IMG_0126-2

5     The masked intruder strikes again…IMG_0162

6     The moustache says it all..!IMG_0214

7     The jump in and scream approach…IMG_0255

8     Oi, mind the drink…IMG_0291

9      I can stick my tongue further than you…IMG_0300

10     The jump in and scream again… IMG_0303

11     Doing it with style..! IMG_0399

12     Just horsing around…IMG_0445

13     Ta da..! IMG_0445-2

14     If I scream loud enough it’ll come out in the photo… IMG_0711

And finally… 15     well there is a story here I’m sure, I just don’t know what it is lolIMG_0748


Remember, if you’re having a party, big or small, in Napier, Hastings, Havelock North or any part of the wider Hawkes Bay area, double the fun with a photobooth. Call us today!

And bring your best photo-bomb!


(Hawkes Bay Regional Manager)

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