Always work with children and animals!

Someone is a bit more convinced than the other here

There is the old showbiz adage that states you should never work with children or animals. At Photobooth Fun we say to heck with that! Some of the most awesome moments in a photobooth can be provided by our little friends (of either 2 or 4 legs).

Dog in a PhotoboothIn October both children and animals came together in fantastic fashion when the Wellington team helped the Pet Centre out for two days for the grand opening of their Lyall Bay store. We had families, kids, bunnies, puppies, older dogs and even an 85kg St. Bernard in the booth! Some folks even came back with more family, friends and pets the second day!

Its the great thing about a photobooth for a function – everyone loves them. And more importantly we can even make sure that all your guests, furry or otherwise, can have a turn. If you’ve got a lot of kids or pets at your function let us know because we can give you some advice about the best set up to make sure that everyone has a chance to make great memories in the booth.

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