Brrrrrrr from Christchurch.

Well here in Christchurch we’ve been welcomed into winter in no uncertain terms! The snow hit and we’ve been wrapping up and staying indoors (except when building the odd snowman of course).

We’ve also welcomed the start of the school ball season and kicked off with a carnival themed ball at Mount Hutt College in Methven – Clowns riding tiny bikes, stilt walkers, palm readers and of course, Photo Booth Fun – It really was a night to remember – Some fantastic organization from the MHC school ball committee!


If you’re planning your school ball, we can bring that extra something to make it memorable and oh so fun! Our team in Auckland have come up with some cool ideas about how to help you raise the funds and have kindly shared the love with me way down here in Chch, so get in touch if you’d like to know more.

We always love getting on board with fundraisers and another fun thing we did last month was join Mondo Travel Riccarton for their In the Pink afternoon tea – A fundraiser in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation with raffles, bubbles and a pink themed afternoon tea. There were some fabulous outfits there and a lot of laughs in the photobooth. And best of all, Mondo managed to raise over $10 000 for the cause – Brilliant!

 Ok, I’m off to perfect my snowman (right now it’s more of a snowblob) – If you’re looking to reward all of this winter braving with a well deserved mid winter Christmas party, don’t forget, having Photo Booth Fun along for the ride will up the fun factor one hundred percent and give you a lasting memento of the merriment!

Stay warm Christchurch!

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