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It’s been a month of variety here in Christchurch; the warmer months are always a busy time for weddings but that doesn’t mean we can’t fit other events in as well! The start of March saw us at the Twilight Vintage Market held at the Pallet Pavillion – Another fantastic Gap Filler project and one I’ll be sad to see go. Hopefully we will be back at the Twilight Market before the end of April so keep an eye out.



We had a great day at Orana Park for the Radio Network’s 2013 Family Day – It’s pretty amazing being set up in amongst all the animals – I’m pretty sure the monkeys were hoping for a turn to pose but the booth ran non-stop with all the family fun so there was no chance for them!


I love seeing the season change from summer to autumn in Christchurch – The colours are just spectacular everywhere you look.  Of course it does go hand in hand with a drop in temperature which is definitely kicking in now. Brrrrr! Although, I don’t know about you but I think I’ve almost been looking forward to some wintery weather – A nice excuse to cosy up on the couch with a DVD or two.  And of course, the arrival of autumn doesn’t mean an end to the fun; celebrations aren’t limited to the summer months (thankfully!). In fact, school ball season will be upon us before you know it and we’re booking up fast so get in touch if you want to be part of the fun! We have a great school ball package available and also have some good ideas for fundraising if you need a little extra help to achieve a super memorable night!  Just get in touch with us at to find out how we can help.


On Sunday the 14th April, we’ll be at the Great New Zealand Bridal Show, the South Island’s largest wedding show. It’s an excellent chance to talk to professionals and get ideas for your perfect day – Come and see us, have a turn in the booth and check out our special expo offer – Hope to see you there!


Stay warm!


Manager – Christchurch

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