Christmas time is booth time

Wellington Photobooth


We love Photo Booth Christmases in Wellington! Because the booth is the perfect place for workmates to come together and let off steam without having to hit the dance floor. And the best thing of all it leaves people with a memory from the night. Once upon a time all the memories you got from the office Christmas Party were when someone sat on the photocopier and made 20 A4 copies of their backside. But throw in a Christmas props box and a photo booth and now you can have all sorts of memories that last beyond the night.

Its always great fun to see the pictures following a Christmas Party where all sorts of people, regardless of where they sit on the corporate ladder or what they do for the rest of the year act a little silly and have fun. A photo booth also allows those people who don’t drink or can’t drink on the night to relax and do something a little wild. The curtain truly does give people license to let their hair down and like we always say, “People do the funniest things when they think no-one is watching”.

So check and see if there are still spots left Wellington. And if we can’t fit you in for 2015 then book now for 2016. A year isn’t too long for an advance booking.

Have a Merry Christmas from the Wellington team!

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