Are you the coolest school in town?

We know you go to the coolest school I town, we know it’s way better than that other school on the other side of town – the one you beat at every sports day and the one that has the really uncool uniform BUT do you know how you could really show them that your school is way more awesome than theirs?


Have a Photo Booth Fun photo booth at your school ball – it’s that easy! Have one of our booths and you will secure your place as the best, most coolest school in town and you will have an AMAZING time! I ask you what is the point in spending all that money of the perfect dress, hair and make-up or that amazing suit and tie  if you can’t capture it all in one of our booths to keep forever!

So tell all your friends to get in touch with our team to get a booth at your ball before that other school gets in first!

OMG this is totes going to be awesome!

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