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A photo booth made out of Lego

Even Lego has a Photobooth now

I was looking at the new Lego collections, as one does on a blustery Wellington day, and I noticed that one of the latest sets has its own Photobooth! You know that when Lego does a model of something its finally arrived in pop culture coolness. So it must be the time of the Photobooth!

Congratulations if you’re one of those folks who have already had a booth before or have made your booking you are are ahead of the curve!

But for the rest of you – fear not! You can still get in on the magic and without all the fiddly little Lego pieces.

We’ll do the assembly of our booths for you and the best thing about our booths is that you get the strips to take away with you – not as a little plastic bit but as a professionally printed strip of memories. And one that won’t hurt your bare foot if you accidentally step on one like a Lego brick.

The other good news is that we are taking bookings for those all important Christmas parties. The tiny little toy booth in the picture won’t hold your boss, Dave from accounts, the whole marketing team and Linda’s boyfriend Wayne all at the same time. But ours do.

So get on a put a real Photobooth on your Christmas party wishlist for this year. All the cool kids will be opening theirs under the tree on Christmas Day.

We’ll leave you with this Lego booth, constructed by the son of our very own Hawkes Bay Region Manager Tony.

Every booth is awesome!

Homegrown booth

This booth was made by the son of our Hawkes Bay manager – our uniforms aren’t quite as cool as that!



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