Expo Time!


As the Wellington team prepares for our first Wedding Expo of the year, the North City Wedding Expo, its a good time to quickly talk about Expos.

Just recently I’ve started taking the booth to the weddings of folk who I’ve met at the various Wedding Expos that we attend in the Wellington region and its always really nice to finish something that may have begun two years ago! The thing with so many weddings is that details are often sorted out well in advance and, having been in the job for 18 months now, I haven’t had this opportunity often.

Expos can seem like a bit of a daunting prospect, or unnecessary as you think you’ve got it all “locked down” but it doesn’t hurt to go to a couple before the big day. Mainly because companies, like Photobooth Fun, do deals for these Expos and there’s always the chance of picking up more bang for your wedding buck – and there’s nothing wrong about that.

And its always a great chance to road test some of your products. We love having people in our booths at expos because its easy to see how fast and fun the process is, as well as the quality.

So a big congrats to all the brides and grooms who we met at an expo and ended up joining on their big day. Here’s hoping I meet some more later on this month!

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