My First Wedding Season


Posted by Wellington, in Photo Booth


If you scroll back through this blog enough you’ll probably find other posts similar to this from past Wellington Managers – but here’s my version.

I get to go to a few weddings in my life. I’ve had one batch of friends hitched and the next, slightly younger wave is starting the process now but as they are my friends the weddings are all sorta the same. We are a group of people with similar backgrounds and similar interests and tastes. But since embarking on my first wedding season with Photobooth Fun I’ve seen a lot more! I’ve been to big cook Island weddings with dancing and singing, rocker weddings with tattoos, piercings and partial nudity and quite a few in between. Its a real chance to see how different people celebrate and to be part of those celebrations.

Thanks folks – for inviting us in and letting us make your special day a little more special.

And roll on the rest of the wedding season – I can’t wait to see what I’ll find

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