Flexibility is Key!

At Photo Booth Fun we like to think that we are leaders in flexibility with our booths. A key to this is being able to transport our booths virtually anywhere, so long as we are within ten metres range of a power outlet and on level ground. If your event is about location just as much as it is about fun then we would like to take a step forward and extend our services to you!

We have, in our arsenal a fleet of highly portable, durably constructed and top quality Photo Booths; with plenty of experience in utilising our booths in locations that you might not initially think are possible. Over the last couple of years our booths have attended the Internationally recognised WOMAD festival in New Plymouth, The Devonport food and Wine Festival, Taste Martinborough and The Pacifica and Polyfest event in Auckland to mention but a handful.

On many occasions our booths have been required on the upper levels of office buildings and sometimes underground in wine cellars, on farms in the middle of nowhere or on school fields for gala evenings. We can pack our booth down to a compact footprint and wheel it on a trolley to help us gain access via your building lift or access ramp and although it takes a bit of extra effort we are often able to lug it up stairwells too (although some of our smaller operators may require help from a few strapping blokes if they’re feeling gentlemanly).

We also like to make sure nobody is left out of the fun, so we try to offer solutions to issues such as height (small children and little people) and mobility (people in wheel chairs), in these cases we can provide a stool or locate the booth near a platform or ramp if available. If this isn’t a viable option we can always allocate a portion of time to reducing the height of our booth and letting those who may have missed out get snapped a few times, ensuring that nobody has to sit on the sidelines.

We would love to talk to you if you’re planning any event that you may think could benefit from our added flexibility, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out if we can help you with your next shindig! Until next post, have a fun time out there :)

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