The gift that keeps on giving….

You have had a fantastic time in one of the Photo Booth Fun booths creating some fun and crazy memories you walk out grab your photo strips and have a bit of a laugh… so now what?  Is the fun over? Of course not! That funky little photo strip you hold in your hand is just beginning it’s journey with you! You head home and look around for the perfect way to keep it save… sure you could put it in a draw to ensure it doesn’t crinkle but where is the fun in that! No that little strip deserves to be on display so you can look at it and smile every time you think about your time in the booth at what was sure to have been an amazing event.

Walk into our Taranaki managers home and you can’t help but see photo strips…well…everywhere! Just the way they like it! Talk about an easy way to decorate your living room – who needs expensive wall paper when you have a few Photo Booth Fun photo strips to work with!

Check out just two of the ways Rebecca and Jordan display their photo strips…

PBF Photo Strips

PBF Photo Strip





Others go with the classic Fridge Display – always a favorite….

PBF Strip


And if it is your event an album is a must! Hannah and Sean have sent us this image of their album packed full with photo strips! Wedding guests took one photo strip home and put the other into Hannah and Sean’s album along with a creative message – now that is way more interesting than your standard wedding guest book!


PBF Photo Book

So get creative people and get those photo strips on display – it really is a great way to decorate your home!

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