If at first you don’t succeed


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Lots of folk love the Photobooth! It attracts the exhibitionists and, eventually, it attracts the introverts. There’s just something about the fun of pulling the curtain and posing for the camera that people can’t resist.

The Phoobooth also attracts the perfectionists from time to time. Standing next to the Booth you get to watch the vast majority of folks duck inside and wing it in front of the camera. It’s the spontaneity that leads to all the shrieks of laughter coming from inside the curtain.

But occasionally there are those who like to plan. Sometimes you hear them planning a series of poses with a friend in the line to use the booth. Sometimes you hear them plotting inside the booth and every once in a while you see them doing practise shots before they go inside. A quick couple of selfies on a smartphone can really help those perfectionists work out the best poses to maximise their fun, good looks or the message they’re trying to send with the picture. You see a pair snapping away, come along to the Booth and duck inside. There’s still the same happy laughter but the shots are juuuuuust right.

It takes all kinds of people.

And all kinds of people love the Photobooth.



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