Image Quality Matters

Welcome to the end of June folks!

It has been a month of chilly weather here in the Bay of Plenty, in fact all over the country it has been freezing! I hope you’ve all kept safe, dry and warm over the last month, it’s sad to say but I think it’s only going to get colder!

With the cold weather there comes comfort in warming up with friends and family and reminiscing over fond memories. Memories are great, but can fade, so sometimes having a picture to renew those old feelings can be a valuable addition to any story or evening around the fireplace. Unfortunately some photos don’t stand the test of time, however some do. Like the high quality colour, or black and white prints from our Photo Booths.

We know that our equipment is top notch, and delivers exceptional results, consistently, that stand the test of time. Which given that you’re paying your hard earned money for our services, transforms the experience from a mere novelty, to a worthwhile investment in memories that can be drawn upon time and time again to provide cheer when the weather or other factors conspire to make the outlook gloomy.

We also have some pretty cool guys and girls working for us who don’t mind you and your guests cutting loose and having a great time. It’s of huge importance to us that every part of the Photo Booth Fun experience lives up to its name!

Just check out these images from our most recent event here in the Bay of Plenty to gain an insight into the sort of emotion that we can help you to take home in your pocket or bag, or custom guestbook, or frame, or custom memory stick, or custom envelope, or even in a private online gallery. We like to give you more than a couple of options!


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