It is that time of year!

If your house is like my house then you are probably well into the Christmas countdown! While I am still trying to figure out where exactly the last 10 months have gone I find myself saying “be nice to your sister – you know Santa’s elves are heading out soon to keep watch” all too often, and answering all toy requests with “put it in your letter to Santa and see what happens”. Christmas stores seem to be popping up in places I didn’t even know existed and that catchy Christmas music has started in the background of radio adverts… what does all this mean? It is a fairly good indication that one of my favourite times of the year is upon us… end of year work function time!!

That amazing time of year when you get to let your hair down knowing that a Christmas break is so close you can almost touch it…and what are the vital ingredients for a successful work function? Good food, Good drink, good entertainment AND a good photo booth! That is where Photo Booth Fun come in and we can’t wait!


So be like these 2 at your work function…




Because nobody wants to be like this guy….

No photo booth

If for some silly reason you haven’t locked us in for you work do then give us a call today and we will try and squeeze you in!

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