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Monday 19th August 2013 – a date that will be remembered by many for a very long time!  This is the date that same-sex-marriages in New Zealand become legal and 31 couples around the country tied the knot!

We were lucky enough to be part of one very special wedding – that of the lovely Tash & Mel!  They were one of the first to be married on Monday, as part of ZM’s Fabulous Gay Wedding.  Lets face it – we love a good wedding and we sure didn’t want to miss out on this one!


And what a wedding!!!  Tash & Mel looked AMAZING and the day was perfectly planned out – from drag queens, to Mr Whippy to the photo booth (a must have at every wedding of course!).

The reception was held at the Cloud, where the atmosphere was buzzing.  There were there a lot of toasts to the happy couple, and many raised glass gestures to a very special moment in history.







On behalf of the entire Photo Booth Fun team, we would like to wish Tash and Mel a very long, happy and healthy life together.  And for those couples who are now able to legally wed, we wish you all the very best for the planning of your big day.

Jacs & Dee
(Auckland Managers)


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