How many people can you fit in the Photo Booth..?

This is a question we get asked quite a bit, usually by people wanting to fit like 5 or 6 people in. Usually we laugh at this as, being a Nationwide company, it is the source of a fair bit of competition around the country.

So how many do you think..? is it 8..? nah that’s easy… T131006-501what about 9..?IMG_0273or 10 maybe..?IMG_0484Actually given that all 3 of these shots were taken at the Gymsports National Championships this month in Hawkes Bay I’d say that’s getting pretty easy too.

The record up until this weekend was 13 set in the Hawkes Bay Booth last year (and I believe equalled in other regions since) I say up until this weekend because I believe this one taken in Hastings last night smashes it out of the park!T131019-501I’ll leave the counting to you but I have to say it’s a pretty impressive effort and once again set in the Hawkes Bay booth. So if you want record breaking fun call us on 0800 FOTO BOOTH (0800 368 626) and lets get the party started…

I think this one’s going to take some breaking but let’s have some fun trying!

Tony Speakman

Hawkes Bay Regional Manager

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