Meet the Auckland Team!


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Here in Auckland we are lucky to have a wonderful team of booth attendants, and thought we might take some time to introduce them to you!

Sara and Jacqui are our stay-at-home mums that enjoy having an excuse to get out of the house and socialise!  Jacqui used to manage a travel agency, before becoming a mum/booth attendant and Sara is one of the luckiest people we know – she wins every competition she enters!  We are just dreading the day she wins Lotto and doesn’t need to work anymore!!


Natalie is our most experienced booth attendant, attending more than 150 events so far!  Natalie is currently studying Nursing so she can double as the medic at your event, as well as your booth attendant!


We love students and have a few on our team – Hendrik studies Logistics, Joshua studies Architecture, Anna studies Illustration and Chloe studies Travel and Tourism – so between them they can work out the best way to get your booth from A to B, how to best utilise the booth in your space, and draw a pretty picture of it afterwards!


We are always looking for new operators to join our ever-expanding team so if you have reliable transportation and have a great personality, send your CV to


Here are some photos of Team Auckland trying out some of our new props!

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