News from Christchurch

Wow, it’s been a fair while since I’ve piped up with news of Christchurch – Things have been getting pretty busy as not only is wedding season in full swing but Christmas is just around the corner (yikes – who’s done their shopping? – Not me!) and the photo booth is a superb hit for the company Xmas party. Especially fun when you add props to the mix!


And here’s a little known fact: There is a strong correlation between broken photocopiers and an absence of Photo Booth Fun at office Christmas parties.





We’ve also seen fundraisers, graduation parties, fantastic Halloween festivities and the Melbourne cup celebrated with style. We’ve been to some great venues around Chch and Canterbury and we even made it to Queenstown for the Accountants’ Big Day Out, thanks to the talented people at CCH Business Fitness – Anyone who reckons accountants don’t know how to have fun – We’ve got the pictures to prove otherwise (and the photobooth never lies!).


We’re looking forward to the Radio Network’s Special Children’s Christmas Party this weekend, a lot of fun for some well deserving kids. Not to mention a few more Christmas parties and weddings –  It should be a good one!


Cheers, Michaela

Manager – Christchurch

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