North City Wedding Expo here we come!

IMG_0275The North City Wedding Expo is almost upon us Wellingtonians!

And its a great way to find everything you need for a wedding all under one roof – especially your booth! We’ve said it before but it bears repeating – you try out lots of other things that go into your wedding (even your future spouse!) so you really should get your props on and get into one of our booths. Its a great way to get in some wedding day kiss practice and we know this because trying to find a photo from last year’s expo that didn’t involve a lip-locked couple was no easy task!

If you haven’rt already sent out invites or other details about your wedding hold onto those strips you get from the booth because with a little scanning and some creativity you could have some really fun images!

We’ve talked about how much we enjoy these expos before and its true – they really are a great way to meet brides, grooms and families and start the process of creating memories. So come along to the Te Raupararaha Arena in Porirua on 24 January and come give our fantastic booth a trial run!

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