When our photo booth decided to get dressed up…

We all like to get dressed up and look good for special occasions and the Taranaki photo booth is no different! Even though our photo booths are some of the prettiest around the Naki booth decided to go all out for the recent le Diner en Blanc here in New Plymouth and go for a slightly different look for the evening….

I hear you asking “but what is the le Diner en Blanc that you speak of” well quiet simply it is a lot of white! White on white on white! A rather fancy occasion with lots of fun little quirks that make it what it is – an incredible night out! There are a number of rules for partaking but the number one rule is EVERYTHING must be WHITE! This posed one teeny tiny problem for our booth …. our booth is … well…. It’s dark brown! Not one to step back from a challenge the Taranaki booth agreed to undergo a bit of a  transformation…along came some magical sewing elves … otherwise known as Tarsh (one of the Taranaki booth operators) and Jordan (one of the Taranaki regional managers) …what happened next was nothing short of AMAZING!

I will let the photos tell the story but basically what followed was a number of late, very late nights (or early mornings hard to tell??) and about 100 cups of coffee…but the end result was a beautiful, elegant and totally WHITE photo booth – roof and all!

Check it out….

Photo Booth Fun Taranaki


Looking beautiful here in action…


Photo Booth Fun Taranaki

The photo strips pretty in white…

Photo Booth Fun Taranaki

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