Photo Booths, Art & Andy Warhol

Did you know that the incomparable Andy Warhol used photo booth photos to create his candy coloured pop art?  The iconic portraiture photography and silk screen print combination was so revolutionary, many in the art world dubbed it “art’s most radical change since cubism.”

Photo booth Pop Art

We like to think that when our photo booth’s are at your event, we’re creating little works of art of you and your guests. The autonomous nature of the photo booth that fascinated Warhol is the exact concept that we know produces our amazing photos – people will never do for a photographer what they do for our booth!

Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick in their photo booth photos - Andy's "selfie" and Edie "striking a pose - or four"

It’s a beautiful thing that in the age of the digital photo, your guests can have  an instant, tactile photo strip; often ending up in wallets and on fridges for years.

When we finish at your event, you receive a custom Photobooth Fun USB with all your 4-photo strips as well as a high resolution copy of every “single” photo taken. This means, if there is a photo that you just love, love, love among your photo strips, you’ll be able to enlarge and print these in fantastic quality.  

      Andy never had it that good!
Our USB and it's case Our USB and it’s case

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