Prop Art…

SOME PEOPLE just know how to rock the props. And of course, some just shouldn’t go anywhere near them lol

The Hawkes Bay Team would like to share some examples from a recent wedding in Hastings of prop success that makes you go oh…Photobooth cute bunny earsAnd a fail that make you go d’oh!Photobooth hat propPirates that make you go AAARRRR!IMG_0278And glasses that make you go Aaaahhhh????Photo booth glasses propsAnd prop rockers that really add colour to your life…IMG_0244In fact if you’re going to prop then rock or speak to the handPhoto booth propsOf course whether you prop or don’t prop is up to you, but there are so many possibilities to make Unique Prop Art why wouldn’t you add some props to your Photo Booth Fun?!

Whether it’s a Wedding, Christmas Party, Conference or a Party of any kind… Come join the Hawkes Bay Team for some Prop Culture in Napier, Hasitngs or the Wider Hawkes Bay Area soon. We look forward to laughing at, I mean, with you soon :)


Hawkes Bay Regional Manager

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