To prop or not to prop?!??

Here at Photo Booth Fun we see many things… we see many people laughing, many people planning the perfect pose,  many people giggling as they retrieve their photo strip – all and all we see a lot of people having fun! Part of that fun is deciding on which prop to where – there are so many choices, which one sums up you? which one is good for the laughs? which one is just the cutest? and then there is the question that often follows the complex prop decision ….do we even prop?

Truth is our booths are fun however you approach them, sometimes its nice to hide behind a prop …sometimes it is fun to go all out and crazy with the props and sometimes it is cool to just be you!

One of our Taranaki Managers Jordan and Operator Tess will now demonstrate a few proping options….

First up we have ‘The Prop’ classically done …. Jordan even has 2 props (FYI you can never have too many props)…

Photo Booth Fun Props


Nest up we have’The Half Prop’ this is great if you are not truly ready to commit to the full prop seen above, just grab one thing and you are away laughing…


And finally we have ‘The No Prop’ … here there are no props in action but as you can see Tess and Jordan don’t need a prop when they can pull classic photo booth facials like these…

Photo Booth Fun NZ

So there you have it! It really doesn’t matter if you prop it or don’t prop it – it’s all about having fun and with Photo Booth Fun at your event that is exactly what you will do!

Call us today to get us along to your next event – you won’t regret it we promise xx


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