To prop or not to prop..


Posted by David, in Photo Booth


Now although we’re never short of people eager to jump in the booth and do their thing, there are always one or two of a more reserved nature who can take some persuading. Generally once in, the magic of the booth takes over and everybody is soon an addict but for the photo-shy, stepping into the booth can feel like the beginnings of an intrepid journey.

That’s where props can come in handy. There’s nothing like a disguise to sway the reticent poser. Our fantastic collection of props can take someone from cautious to camera ready in a matter of moments and once they’re in, they’re usually hooked!

And of course, it’s not only the shy ones who enjoy dressing up; Fake beards and mustaches, silly hats and glasses, bunny ears, bows, wigs and masks – Whatever the guise, our props are guaranteed to bring out some great poses and create big laughs! We even have Christmas themed props for that Xmas party to really help bring on the festive mood.

I love finding props for our Christchurch collection and I love seeing the different looks people create – Whether it’s a full blown disguise or just adding a touch, everyone has their own style and everyone has fun!



Manager – Christchurch

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