Ready set pose!

Probably the most discussed topic in the photo booth would have to be the pose of choice! Some boothers have it down to an art! They have a plan from start to finish before they even take one step into the booth…others prefer the ‘live in the moment’ technique. Either way getting that perfect pose is all part of the fun! 2013-11-30 20-06-27 IMG_0139IMG_0290

We have noticed a few trends when it comes to photo booth poses…there is the tried and true tongue out, or total look of surprise! (Sometime in the same photo when someone’s tongue accidentally connects with some else’s cheek)! And we can’t forget the pouty face, peace sign, Charlie’s Angels pose (this seems to require a surprising amount of coordination), duck face, hugs, smiles, pointing at one another and awwww the kiss! There are a few more that come to mind but I’m not sure they are blog appropriate so I will let you use your imagination for that!

IMG_0337No matter what pose you choose – it will be sure to have you in fits of laughter and that is what it is all about! Remember you are only limited by your imagination so I challenge you to come up with a new classic pose… One that we will remember for many gigs to come!


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