Why so scared – its just a bit of fun!


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People often seem to be a bit shy of having their photo taken. More than just shy, scared sometimes.

Even in the age of the selfie there are plenty of people who seem nervous going into the booth for the first time.

With the horrors of Halloween behind us its time to look at something else to be unafraid of…the humble photobooth.

Photobooths are supposed to be about fun, not getting things just right and it takes the pressure off finding that perfect angle. Its difficult to achieve airbrushed perfection when you’re crammed into a booth with 7 other of your mates, several of whom are wearing sombreros. So its perfect for the photo phobic – everyone looks silly but everyone is having a great time.

So jump on into the booth, whether you think you take a great pic or not.

Its not something that goes bump in the night, its something that giggles or downright screams with laughter!

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