Show Me Wellington

Wellington operator Beckie on our Show Me Wellington Stand. Photo thanks to Photography by Woolf

Wellington operator Beckie on our Show Me Wellington Stand.

Early in August we had our stand up at the Show Me Wellington expo. This is a gathering of folks in the Conference and Incentives industry where vendors, such as ourselves, meet those hard-working folk who put on all the conferences, launches and corporate shin-digs throughout the year. As per usual it was a busy day – with lots of interest and plenty of fun in the booth! Its great to be able to show the booth off in different settings because one of the first places people often see one of our booths is at a wedding. And there’s no denying they are great for weddings! But photo booths also go really well at conferences. Some delegates go to so many conferences in a year that its hard to make things stand out, to make your conference memorable. A photo strip from one of our booths is something that can really do that. We have stories of lots of our clients who have a photo strip on their fridge or in their wallet 2 or 3 years later. So why not have that kind of long-lasting memory for your conference. Our custom strips are also a great way to give value to a sponsor for your event. We can put their branding right on the strip and its something else for delegates or guests to take away that isn’t a pen! Some suggestions of great times and places for a booth: 1. The gala dinner. This is the most commonly used time for a booth. Everyone is relaxed, in their glad rags and ready for fun. 2. At registration. Why not kick everything off with a photobooth. It sets the tone for your conference and says its going to be fun and a little bit different. 3. During the lunch break. People can only talk to each other about the last presentation they saw for so long. And an hour for lunch can be a looooooong time. Maybe slot a photobooth in there to get some energy going and make some memories. And it doesn’t matter where your conference is in the country – we’ve got you covered!

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