Solidarity of the Workers


Posted by Wellington, in Photo Booth


With Mayday just behind us it seems like a good idea to think about things that bring workmates together – and a Photo Booth is one of them.

Shared experiences are always a great way to bond folk together and a shared experience where you take something away with you makes the memory of that experience last a little bit longer. Photo Booths provide that. With strips to take away and a USB stick of all the images captured in the booth on hand after the event there’s plenty of memories to go around.

And the props box is a great leveler. Whether you are a CEO or mail room clerk, silly glasses and a hat are silly glasses and a hat. Photo Booths put everyone on the same level fun playing field. And there’s nothing like a bit of equality to bring the workers together.

So enough of the propaganda – whether your next party is a Communist Party, People’s Liberation Party, Christmas Party or End of Project Party we’ve got the perfect thing to unite the workers!

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