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Good brand exposure right there!

Good brand exposure right there!


When people think about photo booths they normally see them at weddings, school balls or maybe the odd birthday or Christmas party but there are so many other times that a photo booth can be a really cool thing to have around. This blog is full of lots of occasions when our box has been to some out of the box events and put to some out of the box uses but here are a couple of suggestions.

Getting your brand out there

The life span of the humble photo strip can be much longer than you expect. We have lots of stories from people who meet us at events and expos who tell us that they have photos from our booths on their fridge or at the work space or on the noticeboard months or years after the event. We’ve even had the same folks come up to us several years in a row to update their “family photo”. So strips hang around for quite a while. We can customise those strips to carry your brand and your message so that its not just that the photos are reminders of a good time but also of your business.

Raising Awareness

There doesn’t just have to be a commercial imperative here either. We’ve helped spread health messages, encouraged tertiary education and promoted recycling amongst other things. Having a photo booth at events to raise awareness also helps give the event a fun and memorable twist that can help keep people around for a bit longer.

Raising funds

A booth at an event can also raise funds for your cause. We are happy to assist with charging a small fee to use the booth and because you get a USB stick with all the images from the booth on it after we’re done some canny groups have also sold the larger digital images to people after the event to raise some more much needed cash.

So whatever you want your event to achieve we can help that happen with our booths. Just get on the phone and talk to you local team to see how we can help out.

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