Some things to do with a Photobooth

IMG_0330We are in the middle of a busy wedding season in Wellington and coming hot off the heels of Christmas party season. These events are places where you are most likely to find a photo booth but there are all sorts of other occasions that we show up to that might give you some ideas for your next event.

Birthday parties are always a fun celebration to add a photobooth to and we are also able to lower our booths to kid height just for kid’s parties. How about a photobooth at your anniversary? If they’re good enough for weddings why not the anniversary of one? We also love having booths at openings – the photo above was taken at a pet store opening and its a great way to send people away with a reminder that your store has opened up in their area.

How about get a booth along for your conference, maybe at the dinner to loosen everyone up before the dance floor gets into swing. Or maybe for a promotional activity? Sure we’ve provided booths for the ABs and Coca Cola (up in Auckland anyway) but that doesn’t mean we can’t come up with something to fit your promotional budget.

And we’re always open to hearing about using our photobooths at your fundraisers – school fairs, charity dinners, whatever. If we are able to help out we’d love to. You can use the booth to collect gold coin donations or just to provide a fun record of your fundraiser. The possibilities for booth use are endless – get in touch with us to talk about it!

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