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I don’t think many of us can even begin to imagine how earth shattering getting news that our lives will end sooner than we ever thought could ever be, it isn’t something that we like to think about…. But just for a moment imagine you have just been given a limited time to live…. I think at that point most of us would begin to write a list of things that we wanted to check off while we still could. For some people one of the most important things on that list could be to marry the one they love. Now imagine that getting married is on your bucket list but you simply don’t have the time, or the knowledge or possibly the funds to achieve that big day? Heart-breaking! Well there is a new organisation in town and it is set to make all the difference – a caring, selfless non-profit organisation to help those who are terminally ill to achieve their wedding dreams and Photo Booth Fun are right there with them.

The Wedding Gift NZ is a non-profit organisation providing/planning wedding ceremonies and celebrations for people with life threatening or terminal illnesses in Taranaki. (Although in time, the aim is you reach far more than just Taranaki)

Services are provided by local business without prejudice or agenda for the simple purpose of sharing love and providing lasting memories.

I’m sure at this point you wonderful Taranaki people are wondering what you can do to help with this amazing new venture – well the good news is they have their first fundraising event coming up soon. It will be an amazing day and all event information can be found here: Please take the time to have a look or contact Louise at if you have any questions or simply want to help.

Photo Booth Fun are very proud to be helping with such a wonderful event and we would love to see you there.

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