Once Upon a Time…


Posted by David, in Photo Booth

The story of Photobooth Fun starts, like many a great story, with love. In our story, a boy loved a girl and he built her photo booth for her birthday party. The photo booth was loved by everyone at the party and many thought that others should enjoy the booth too.
Before long, friends put in requests for their own booths and the boy worked studiously to deliver. Before you could say “cheese”, Photobooth Fun the company was born.

Nowadays, Photobooth Fun is a mix of people who were all friends (in some way or another), before becoming a part of the business. While nepotism is frowned on by many in a workplace, we think it’s a great part of our unique vibe. We’re all genuinely passionate about the company because most of us “asked” to be a part of it

Our photo booths are all around the country and have attended hundreds of amazing events, met thousands of great people and have taken hundreds of thousands of awesome photos. We look forward to continuing our journey and seeing you at your next event.

So thanks to our founder Brett for being the best boyfriend in the world!

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