We LOVE people !


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Yep, the above title says it all …. we JUST love people!  We love our staff,  we love our partners and, of course, we love you (the people that step inside our booths and make them come alive!!).

We have a wonderful team of operators up here in Auckland – Sai, Alex, Adam, Sarah, Vivian & Carla. These are the superstars that operate our booths and are experts at getting any party started!  They are an awesome, hardworking bunch, and like the other regions around the country, we simply couldn’t operate without them!

We also love our partners – and we work with some great individuals & companies.

If you are planning a wedding and on the hunt for a celebrant, you should definitely check out Erin Marmont – she is AMAZING!

If you are planning a party (be it a birthday or something a little different) and are needing some party equipment, don’t go past these guys …

And of course the amazing people that step inside our booths every day – YOU!!  Keep on smiling and enjoy the last few months of 2013!

Jacs & Dee


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