Where has 2012 gone I ask?


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For us here in Auckland it’s been a year of celebrations as we moved house, quadrupled our office space, saw more booths enter our “fleet”(and more booth operators!) and welcomed our second son and future operator into the family – whoa – what a year!

December will be our busiest month to date with our operators working hard to provide the fun factor at many a corporate Christmas party, birthday and summer wedding.

We are excited about having our booth at Parakai Hot Pools for a Christmas Party (yes, our booths can operate outdoors!) and at The Cloud – the last time we were there we were celebrating Rugby World Cup victory!!

Last month saw some interesting characters pass through our booth.  Mr John Key was snapped for the second time in our booth and Bubba and his friends went barking mad at his birthday party.  Yes, Bubba is a dog and yes, the booth was at his birthday party!  Just goes to show we can cater for all types of people and all types of functions at all types of venues!

Merry Christmas to all our friends and fan’s – may 2013 be as amazing as 2012!

Suze and Eden





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