All will be revealed…..

Keeping secrets can be hard, especially when they are about something really exciting! And keeping secrets is exactly what the Taranaki team have been doing BUT the time is almost here to reveal all!

We are super excited to be involved with one of the coolest events to hit the Naki …. ever…. can you guess???

Lets just say it involves a heap of AMAZING local business which of course includes Photo Booth Fun Taranaki’s favourite entertainment crew DMan entertainment.

All will be revealed very soon so keep an eye on our Facebook page and on DMan’s page – you will not want to miss this!





Speaking of secrets, did you know one of the coolest surprises to keep secret for your event is one of our Booths! We often take bookings from brides, grooms, event planners, birthday boys and girls (the list goes on) that organise a Photo Booth Fun booth for their event but say “don’t tell anyone because this is going to be the best surprise ever” And it rally is! Nothing like having something to surprise your guests with to make you event even more special.

See keeping secrets might be hard but with us it is super FUN too!

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