Winter Blues Be Gone!!!


Wellingtonians are passionate about our city and we don’t put up with a lot of stick from everyone else about our wind and rain. But let’s be honest – there is nothing like a day or two (or five or six) of sideways rain to break even the most passionate citizen of Wellington. And when you get broken by winter the grumps set in.

Just today Facebook has been alive with reports of an experiment that was run that basically shows the more negative and narky stuff in your Facebook feed the more narky and negative your posts become. So why not fight that fact with some fun posts of your own.

Luckily, even at your most depressed we can help you out – get a Photo Booth to your next function. Then your guests leave with a least 4 awesome, fun images they can scan and share and brighten up their news feeds. The good news is that whoever makes the booking also gets our USB stick crammed with all the shots taken in the booth that function. Perfect for sending to people, posting and tagging on Facebook, printing out and hanging on your wall or just generally having a good laugh about.

Guaranteed to brighten up both your Facebook and your day.

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