Winter Party Time is here again!

It might be cold, windy and wet outside and memories of summer days are fading… but why not engage the winter months head on with a party for staff, friends and family?

The Winter Solstice, the shortest “day” of the year is just a few weeks away (June 21) … but who needs daylight to party and to have fun!

And of course, along with good food and refreshments – why not invite Photo Booth Fun along to join the party and record the festivities!

As with all our packages, not only do the guests get one or two copies of our highest quality photo strips – but we love to work with organisers to enhance any theme,
and to of course share our collective decades of  knowledge, ideas and experience in pulling off the best parties ever!

Whether it be to supply themed props, create a custom backdrop, theme the photo booth, design a unique photo strip template or provide a personalised photo album to record the party (antics and evidence!) … Photo Booth Fun can supply all these and more!

So… if you are having a winter/solstice party… Photo Booth Fun would love to be “invited”.


Stay warm!IMG_0037

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