From happy couples to helicopters – Just another month in Chch!


Once again the month has flown by – And what a month it’s been!

We were pleased to have our booth back at The great NZ Bridal Show in Christchurch this year- Wow, what a day! We met so many lovely couples and had a great time showing everyone the fun of our photo booth. There were a lot of curious looks from passers-by at the squeals and giggles and  coming from behind the curtain – we’re so glad so many of you stopped by to have a turn of your own. And congratulations to Toni, the winner of our Expo prize – Well done!

Of course, having a turn in the booth is unrivalled fun, but something that often gives it a good run for its money is watching it all happen from the outside – listening to the sounds of hilarity coming from within the booth and seeing all the feet shuffling about to make their next pose is pretty amusing.  So a lot of fun was had by those both in and out of the booth at the BDO conference in Queenstown – We had two booths, a heap of fun props and lots of attempts to beat the most people in the booth at one time record so I’m sure you can imagine the laughs on both sides of the curtain.

And as well as meeting so many cool people at the BDO conference, our trip to Queenstown was made so much easier by our friends, the functions team and the staff at the Millennium Hotel – Those guys are so helpful and efficient and coupled with the excellent amenities and amazing setting, I would recommend them to anyone as a fantastic conference venue.

Last weekend we were proud to be part of the Air Rescue & Emergency Services Open Day, a brilliant day with so many fun things to see and do (who got to ride in the helicopter?!) and an excellent turnout. These guys provide such an important service to the public, it was great to see so  many people coming along to show their support. And the weather showed its support of this amazing organisation too by staying fine all day! Lets hope for more of the same as we head into the last month of Autumn..

Til next time – Stay warm!

Manager – Christchurch

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