Got your booth booked… now get prop-ping!


Posted by Tony Speakman, in Packages, Photo Booth, Tips

If you’ve booked your Photo Booth Fun time and you’re getting all set for the big event, why not add some extra Photo Booth Fun by adding some props to use in the booth? You can add a props box to your booking and we’ll bring it along with us or you can make yourself the ultimate props box by following these fun ideas.

Here are some suggestions…

  • Big geeky glasses
  • Large antique picture frame (so guests can frame themselves)
  • Multi coloured beads or Hawaiian Leis
  • Hats, wigs and pretty much any gear you can think of – the brighter the better!
  • How about a fake moustache on a stick?!
  • A chalk board for messages – you can even get them shaped like a speech bubble!
  • Inflatable guitar and microphone – for that matter just about anything inflatable so long as it doesn’t take up the whole booth!
  • Viking helmet and battle axe
  • Mickey Mouse ears and animal noses and ears
  • Pirate gear – eye patches arrrr…

There’s just about no end to the fun you can have with some props in a photobooth! Just let your imagination (and maybe the wine) flow and lets see what develops…

Tony – Hawkes Bay Manager

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